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Therapy with Maz
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Therapy support for emotional, social or mental health issues.

Relational integrative psychotherapy
I am a relational therapist; which is based on the promotion of each person being of equal value.  This means working with you to help you find the answers and direction that is right for you.  
As an integrative psychotherapist I use a range of different models of psychotherapy, creatively working with my clients to suit their unique personality.  I work with openness, understanding and self-acceptance without judgements, positions, attitudes or expectations.  

Our time together
Most of what goes on in our minds is in our unconscious. Some hurts and fears can be buried so deep we are not aware of them yet they still affect how we respond to situations. Our self-talk often convinces us we are no good and worthless. We find ways to numb our feelings and stop the hurt; but what we use to squash this hurt, can end up controling us.  

During sessions a trusting relationship can be established, giving space for you to be heard and your hurts and fears to be understood. As well as talking we may use imagery, drawing and everyday objects to help you be in contact with your feelings and together we gain understanding of your struggles.  As we work together you gain the strength and ability to take control of how you think and feel about yourself and your future; to conquer the things which control you and start to really appreciate your potential.  
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