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About therapy
Is therapy right for you?
Is your mind full of thoughts that seem to control you?  Your hurts and fears buried so deep you are not aware of them yet they still affect how you respond to situations.  Your self-talk convinces you that you are no good and worthless.   Do you find ways to numb your feelings to stop the hurt and despair; but these ways then end up controlling you.   

How therapy helps.
It is easy to feel there is something wrong with you, but in our therapy sessions we work together to explore what happened to you, finding out why you respond the way you do.   Therapy can help you gain awareness of why you get anxious, what causes feeling of being overwhelmed and of despair.  Within therapy sessions we explore where anger comes from and why the world can seem dangerous chaotic and unfriendly.  We look at relationships with others and why you can feel so drained of energy and no interest in yourself or others.  


With this growing awareness you can then make choices which serve you better as you interact with others and the world around you.  During therapy sessions we work together to help you connect and respond positively to your feelings and to calm your head noise. The world looking different as you feel at ease with yourself and others, feeling empowered and connected.  

A confidential space
I offer a confidential safe space; a time which is just about you.   
Like all psychotherapists I have a supervisor who also respects the confidential space and helps me to best meet your needs. I also adhere to any relevant legal requirements and those relating to the safety of yourself and others and these are discussed prior to our start so you are fully aware and give your consent.  Even if someone else is paying the fees, our time remains confidential between us.

Relationship is key to therapy and I seek to provide a safe space as we build our relationship together. With my own self-awareness I don’t come with answers but with an openness to journey with you giving you the space to be seen and heard.
There is no judgement or criticism.  No agenda of what you should do, or who you should be. It’s about working with you, to find what is right for you so you can find the inner strength to be all you can and want to be.
£30 per sessions (negotiable)

Sessions are usually weekly for one hour.  
Free initial consultation with no obligation to explore what you need.

Sessions are long or short term and we regularly review the sessions together.  

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