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For parents

Sessions are confidential to my client even if parents are paying for them.  

Parent/legal guardian permission required for those aged 16 & 17 years of age.   
Therapy support for parents.
We can't control others, no matter how much we love them but we can control our responses to them.  One to one therapy support can help you work through your frustrations, fears and hurts so that you are in a better place to resond to the needs of your son or daughter.  
Therapy support for your son/daughter.
As teenagers grow into independent adults their emotions and pressures can cause friction and arguments within the home.

Parents and family members, no matter how much they love them, can often be too emotionally involved.  One to one therapy can help your son or daughter to understand their emotions, learn coping mechanisms and gain the strength to make the decisions that is right for them.  

I am happy to talk through how I work with parents prior to start of sessions.  
I would not have clients who are related to each other but can forward onto other therapists.   
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