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About Me
I have had a career working with children, young people and communities for over 30 years.  In 1991 I led a team of volunteers in a Romanian Orphanage and since then I have been part of teams establishing and managing community provisions in both rural and inner-city areas.  With qualifications in Playwork, Therapeutic Playwork, Psychology and adult education.   I set up my own training company 'Playscape Training' which served much of the Yorkshire and Humber region and closed in 2017.  

I've had Dystonia in my eyes since 2007; with difficulty sustaining vision I usually shut my eyes allowing me to focus on imagery, imagination and my body senses giving, me more insight than sight alone. Whether I'm working face to face or on the telephone I find new dimensions to connect with my clients.  
Relational Integrative Psychotherapy
I am a relational therapist; which is based on the promotion of each person being of equal value.  I work with you to help you find the answers and direction that is right for you.  

As an integrative psychotherapist I use a range of models of psychotherapy, creatively working with clients to suit their unique personality.  I work with openness, understanding and self-acceptance without judgements, attitudes or expectations.
Licence to practice
I am fully insured and DBS checked and I abide by the ethical principles of SCPTI and the UKCP:

SCPTI - Scarborough Institute for Advanced Training www.scpti.co.uk

UKCP - United Kingdom Council for Psychotherapists
UKCP Ethical Principles and Code of Professional Conduct

Trainee Member
I find myself on a journey which I never planned or
even wanted and at times I find it is tearing me apart.  
Yet it is such a precious journey taking me to destinations
I never thought I could go.
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