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Can you give £20 a month to a young person with no family support?
Having no family support means; no financial support, no emotional support, no practical support and often lacking the ability to self-care with low self-esteem and negative self-image.    The statutory sector can only offer short term help for those most in need. When charities support is available they are overstretched.    

Some examples of why a young person can become isolated from their family;
  • They were abused by one of their parents and the other parent said they did not to believe them.
  • They were brought up in the care system have no family contact.
  • She sought affection with her boyfriend and got pregnant. Her parents threw her out and her boyfriend disowned her.  
  • Their parents are drug users affecting their family life and safety so they got out to try and make something of themselves.  
  • She fled the family hone to avoid a forced arranged marriage.  
  • Their own addiction has meant they have been thrown out of the family home with no support.  
  • They felt they were unwanted when their mother met a new man and they had children together.  They were blamed for all the family rows and was asked to leave.  
There is now a complete breakdown in family communication.
Long term one to one therapeutic support can turn lives around giving hope for the future and help young people reach their potential.  
There is no quick fix ... it takes time to build trust ... but its life changing.  
How one to one therapy can help
  • An attachment can be formed giving a secure relationship to explore issues.
  • Client-led sessions means no other agenda except meeting the client needs.     
  • Through a non-judgemental relationship the client can share their experiences.  
  • The layers the client uses as their defence mechanisms are slowly peeled away.  
  • Supressed feelings of anger, hurt, grief, sadness etc. are allowed to surface and be expressed.
  • Negative self-talk which has become embedded is identified and explored.
  • A safe space allows traumatic memories to surface and be worked through.
  • Techniques are explored for better self-regulation and ability to form relationships.
  • A sense of identity, increased confidence and improved self-esteem is developed.
  • Slowly and surely hope for the future develops and the young persons potential can start to be realised.    
What your donation pays for.
I work on a basis of 'pay what you can' When a young person has no financial means of paying I will see them free of charge as a psychotherapist in advanced training while the client commits to the process even when it gets hard or even painful.     

All psychotherapists have a supervisor to oversee their work.  This ensures that the very best support is given to both the client and therapist.  For every 6 hours with a client there is 1 hour supervision.  Your donation covers this supervision cost for a client who has no financial support in place.

Due to client confidentiality you do not get details of the client, only to know that they are attending and in need.   
If you would like to help or discuss more please contact me on Tel: 07939 505310 or e-mail maz@therapywithmaz.co.uk
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