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confidential therapy for those aged 16 and over

Sessions are confidential.  Even if someone else is paying for your therapy it is made clear to them at the start that I will not report back any progress, or speak to them about anything discussed in the session without your consent.
Listed below are situations when I need to share information with others and by signing the initial consent form you are giving your permission for this.   In each case I will always aim to make you fully aware and obtain your consent:
1.   All psychotherapists work under a supervisor, where they discuss all casework in order to ensure they best meet their client's needs.  My supervisor lives outside this area and is a qualified psychotherapist and is trained to supervise other psychotherapists and is bound by the same confidentiality rules as I am.  
2.   In case of an emergency I may need to contact your GP or other relevant professionals.

3.   Where I am obliged to break confidentiality by a court of law.
4.   Where what is discussed cannot be kept confidential on grounds as being of serious risk to you or others.

Where I use any material for study or research this is with your full consent and your anonymity is discussed and agreed. Specific agreement will be written up for this purpose.  

Your details are kept in a secure file in accordance with GDPR data protection regulations.  Session notes are kept electronically with pin coded security.  We keep your personal details outlined in the contract and case study notes from sessions, clients have the right to view their own records on request.  
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